Come on in & let's get acquainted!

My name, Tinkermia, comes from my love of Tinker Bell & the name that my grandsons, nieces & nephews call me...Mia! My "real" name is Camellia; however, that was too much for my niece so it came out Mia. It stuck, and when my grandsons came along, they picked it up, too.

I got involved with eBay one afternoon when my son sent me an auction to look at for him. Then I typed "tinkerbell" in the search field; I was AMAZED & DELIGHTED at what popped up on my screen! I started looking at auctions & didn't stop until the sun came up the next day! That was over 2 years ago and life has not been the same since.

After WAY too much bidding, I decided to try my luck with selling. I hoped that it would be a way to help support my Tink habit as well as adding to retirement income which is REALLY hard to live on! HOWEVER, my most important job is helping to take care of my grandsons who are now 15, 12 & 2.  Below. my youngest grandson, Gage, and I are enjoying the swans swimming under and around the bridge to Sleeping Beauties Castle.  The next picture is of all three; Zachary, Gage, and David waitning for entrance to Small World.   I also enjoy my parents who are 83 years YOUNG; sometimes they need help & I do what I can. I'm the eldest of 4 (2 sisters & 1 brother). I've been married to the same great guy for just over 39 years & I'm the proud mom of 2 wonderful sons & 3 FANTASTIC grandsons. I am also very blessed with 7 nieces & 2 nephews. I had hoped to add a picture of the entire clan; however, the most current picture didn't have 3 of the newest babies so I'm hoping to get a current one soon. If I do, I'll add it right away.

We have just started to build our web site.  We hope to soon have a gallery of my collectables as well as a store of items I have for resale.  For now, we have added pictures to the web that contain both categories which can be accessed by clicking the link below.  If you see something that interests you, you can contact me at tinkermia@comcast.net inquire about availability and price. 


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